E-mma is a non-profit who promotes
Diversity in Technology

Coding workshops, Conferences, Hackathons, Mentoring
for children and adults 7+ years old.

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E-mma is a worldwide non-profit organization who promotes Diversity in Technology.

Coding Workshops, Conferences, Hackathons, Mentoring.

Since 2013, we introduce computer science to girls and boys to help them discover technology and empower them to consider entering IT fields.

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+130 000 Sensitized persons since 2013
+500 Events last year
16 Branches in Europe
+500 Members in Europe

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[Press invitation] - E-mma@ VivaTech 2023
June 07, 2023E-mma
Epitech et E-mma s’engagent pour la diversité dans la Tech avec le soutien de Google et…
February 28, 2023E-mma
VivaTech [Keynote Stage One - Dipty Chander] - Inclusive Tech : Yes, we can !
June 13, 2022E-mma

13 branches in France,
3 branches Worldwide.

France, Spain, Albania, Belgium

We are located in 16 cities over 4 countries in Europe and Overseas territories. Find contact informations of the branch closest to you.

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